Potro Gutiérrez is angry with national teams of Mexico and Honduras

The Honduran soccer playoff has begun with Marathón maintaining his recent paternity against Olimpia and Motagua showing that he deserves much more than being in a phase like this. While they decide their future, Real Spain and Potro Gutiérrez waits for them in the semifinals, but he also took time to talk about the situations … Read more

Alarcón and Gutiérrez stay with the Cowboys and 49ers for 2021; Will they play?

Two Mexicans will be members of NFL teams for the 2021 season and they will be able to learn from the best players in the league. Isaac Alarcon and Alfredo Gutierrez went through the NFL International program and in 2021 they managed to stay in the squad of their respective teams. Alarcón is in his … Read more