Terrence Williams, former BSN reinforcement with the Cowboys, pleads guilty to medical fraud in the NBA

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New York- The former player of the NBA Terrence Williams pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit health insurance fraud and identity theft in connection with an international fraud ring involving the league’s health plan, authorities said. Williams, 35, entered his plea in federal court in Manhattan on Friday. Sentencing for her is scheduled for January … Read more

He only pleads guilty to driving under the influence.

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Former U.S. national team star goalkeeper Hope Solo pleaded guilty Monday to driving under the influence, four months after she was found unconscious behind the wheel in North Carolina with her 2-year-old twins. next to. She was only charged with misdemeanor child abuse and resisting a public officer in connection with the … Read more

A West Ham figure pleaded guilty to brutally beating his cat and could go to jail

A West Ham figure pleaded guilty to brutally beating his.webp

The player has already paid a fine and awaits the final sentence by the British justice. french footballer Kurt Zuma caused widespread rejection of the football environment when it emerged a video of him mistreating his cat. The current player West Ham starred in a brutal beating of the … Read more

Yankees: The mysterious death of Babe Ruth’s wife and how the Bambino would be guilty

Yankees The mysterious death of Babe Ruths wife and how

The Bambino, Babe Ruthis without a doubt the most famous player in the entire history of MLB and about him there is a legendary aura, being also New York Yankees icon. The truth is that there are many myths and stories related to Ruth that may or may not be true for the time what … Read more

MLB: Most Unusual Manager Firing Ever That Was Guilty Of A Song

MLB Most Unusual Manager Firing Ever That Was Guilty Of

Billy martin he won everywhere he directed. They also fired him from all the places where he directed. But nevertheless, the strangest firing of all those who suffered was none of the five times that the owner of the YankeesGeorge Steinbrenner fired Martin or pressured him to resign. It wasn’t the first time he was … Read more

Trial for the death of Emiliano Sala: the organizer of the flight was found guilty

Emiliano Sala died after his transfer from Nantes to Cardiff was finalized (Photo: Reuters) Almost two years after the death of the Argentine striker Emiliano Sala, the trial at Cardiff Crown Court reached its decisive stages: David henderson, pilot who organized the flight that transferred the footballer from France to the United Kingdom, was found … Read more

Basketball player accused of abusing a four-year-old girl found guilty

This morning, a one-man court found the athlete Facundo Brizuela guilty of sexual abuse, who in 2019 was denounced by his ex-partner, when he played the Federal Basketball Tournament and wore the Club Del Progreso shirt. To the pivot, 41 years old, they charged him with the crime of “simple sexual abuse aggravated by the, … Read more