Santiago ENDED adverse streak, Leslie Anderson perfect, Granma BEAT. Summary Series 61

Santiago ENDED adverse streak Leslie Anderson perfect Granma BEAT Summary

By Antonio Palma Enseñat In the continuation of the intermission duels of the week in the 61 National Baseball Series, the Toros de la Llanura managed to balance the subseries against Industriales supported by their star Leslie Anderson who could not be put out in the Cándido González; the Sancti Spiritus leaders came back from … Read more

The Island CRUSHED Santiago, Industriales and Granma took REVENGE. Summary Series 61

The Island CRUSHED Santiago Industriales and Granma took REVENGE Summary

By Gian Franco Gil In another day of the National Series featuring a ferocious offensive, the teams from Industriales and Granma asserted their favor against Guantánamo and Artemisa, respectively. Meanwhile, the Isle of Youth ended the Santiago pitching. Granma took revenge against Artemisa The current champions of Cuban baseball, the Alazanes de Granma defeated the … Read more

Villa Clara in train crash against Ciego, Granma for the return. Previous

Villa Clara in train crash against Ciego Granma for the

By Pablo Pichardo/ @Pablo_Pichardo1 As could be predicted before starting the very close tournament, the fight between 12 teams is going in search of keeping a place among those classified for the postseason of the 61 National Baseball Series. The weekend sub-series left very striking results such as the sweep of the Leñadores de Las … Read more

CLEAN STICK Santiago subdued Cienfuegos, Matanzas WENT OUT with Granma. Summary Series 61

CLEAN STICK Santiago subdued Cienfuegos Matanzas WENT OUT with Granma

By Pablo Pichardo/ @Pablo_Pichardo1 The Cocodrilos de Matanzas and the Vegueros de Pinar del Río managed to even their matches with wins against Granma and Camagüey, respectively. While the Wasps rose to second place in the standings after beating the basement elephants. Crocodiles hit back at the Sorrels Despite coming out below the scoreboard in … Read more

Pitcher of more than 40 years GAVE A RECITAL for the Island. TRIUMPHS of Ciego, Las Tunas, Granma and Villa Clara. Summary Series 61

Pitcher of more than 40 years GAVE A RECITAL for

By Robiel Vega/ @robielcuba87 At the start of the particular series on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, six games were played in the afternoon, while for the first time this season two night games will be played on the same day; when Wasps and Roosters face each other in the José Antonio Huelga and Crocodiles and … Read more

Granma star close to entering the exclusive group of Cuban baseball

Granma star close to entering the exclusive group of Cuban

By Pablo Picardo In baseball, those players who throughout their careers achieve extraordinary feats or figures that were very significant in the team’s performance are always remembered. Such is the case of those few players who became the kings of doubles throughout the National Series after managing to exceed 400 doubles in their sports careers. … Read more

Industriales brings a great streak to the Latino. Granma and Las Tunas face each other. Previous

Industriales brings a great streak to the Latino Granma and

By Pablo Picardo The eighth subseries of the Cuban baseball championship took place during the current week of February, leaving very interesting notes and close games, but without much influence on the standings. The sweep given by the blues of the capital to Villa Clara in the grounds of Augusto Cesar Sandino and the very … Read more

BECAUSE OF A TRIP Industriales rediscovered success, Granma DID NOT BELIEVE in Hurricanes, Pirates stopped Roosters’ streak. Summary Series 61

BECAUSE OF A TRIP Industriales rediscovered success Granma DID NOT

By Gian Franco Gil / @Gian_Gil98 On the day of this Tuesday, February 8, the first games of the subseries corresponding to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday took place. The date had a leading role for the visiting teams, since most of them achieved a valuable success in the opening match of the particular clashes. An … Read more

Granma was shipwrecked on La Isla AGAIN, Wasps STICKED, Naranjas took it out of the freezer. Summary Series 61

Granma was shipwrecked on La Isla AGAIN Wasps STICKED Naranjas

By Jose Alejandro Rodriguez Zas In the continuation of the 61 Series of Cuban baseball, this Wednesday, February 2, the Wasps of Santiago de Cuba hit back at the Hunters of Artemisa on July 26, the Villa Clara Sugar Producers again beat the Lumberjacks of Las Tunas with a rally of eight in the seventh, … Read more

THE CAMPO Artemisa over Industriales, Granma and Pinar SUBJECTED their own

THE CAMPO Artemisa over Industriales Granma and Pinar SUBJECTED their

By Gian Franco Gil After approximately a year without playing baseball, the 16 teams returned to the field of play, in the 61st edition of the National Series. The long-awaited meeting of the public with the players that follow happened on the afternoon of this Tuesday, January 25. The congas, the shouts and the cries … Read more