Messi is on duty, Cristiano performs and Lukaku fails: Summer transfer qualifications

Messi is on duty Cristiano performs and Lukaku fails Summer

Ratings on an AF scale, where A is excellent and F is a failure. More than six months have passed since the summer 2021 transfer market closed. If you have already forgotten how incredible it was, you just have to remember that both Leo Messi What Cristiano Ronaldo they changed clubs; while the likes of … Read more

“You can’t treat goalkeepers like outfielders”, Anelka thinks about Keylor and Gigio

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The two-time Champions League champion said that there is no “healthy competition” at PSG as there is no clarity on who should be the starter The iconic former Real Madrid and Chelsea striker, Nicolas Anelka also had its share of opinion in the competition that exists in the PSG in the goal between Keylor Navas … Read more

Keylor feels rotation shadow in PSG goal for the first time

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The cameras captured the Tico who was serene and calm after going to the bench in the match against Lyon As if it were a trend, the Argentine coach of the Paris Saint Germain, Mauricio Pochettino located Gianluigi Donnarumma as a starting goalkeeper in Ligue 1, while the Costa Rican, Keylor Navas he was present … Read more

PSG dominates the list of highest salaries for players signed at ‘zero cost’

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There are advantages to signing a player ‘for free’, but a disadvantage is that the salary becomes very high if it is a superstar Dreaming of winning the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain were one of the most active clubs in the last transfer window. Despite having bought the right back, Achraf hakimi, of the Inter … Read more