Walks with his children, gestures with PSG employees and dinners with Antonela: the details of Messi’s daily life in Paris

Walks with his children gestures with PSG employees and dinners

In France they praised Lionel Messi’s “ordinary life” in Paris (Photo: @antonelaroccuzzo) One of the big questions when Leo Messi decided to sign for him paris st germain was linked to his personal life in the capital of France. After 23 years in Barcelona, ​​the Argentine star and his family were forced to emigrate to … Read more

The controversial gestures of Pulpo González and Cardona

lazy square

It is common – not only in Argentine soccer – for local fans to target visiting players, with Chicanas and some particular song. Sometimes, unfortunately, the limits are crossed and there are consequences. On the other hand, although the players are human like any of us, sometimes the keystrokes betray them. They should maintain their … Read more

Carlos Delgado thinks about the gestures of Báez and Lindor: “The best way is not to take it out on the fanatic”

The former player of the New York Mets, Carlos Delgado, recognized today Monday that Javier Baez and Francisco Lindor They are their right to be frustrated, tired of hearing boos and even being able to express their emotions, but he added that directing their anger towards the fans is not the right way to respond … Read more

Alderson: Unacceptable and comments and gestures will not be tolerated

NEW YORK – New York Mets President Sandy Alderson deplored statements from Javier Baez and the thumbs-down signals some players made to fans Sunday in their win over the Washington Nationals. 2 Related “These comments, and any deeds on the part of him or other players with a similar intention, are totally unacceptable and will … Read more

Mets president spoke about the gestures to fans of Francisco Lindor and Javy Báez

The president of the Mets of New York, Sandy Alderson, spoke about the gestures that his players Francisco Lindor and Javier Baez made the fanatics this Sunday against the Nationals in the Major League Baseball – MLB. At a post-game press conference today between Mets and Washington Nationals, Javier Baez stated that his “thumbs down” … Read more