THE BEST PAID: All international firms, by amounts and countries

THE BEST PAID All international firms by amounts and countries

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi) This January 15 began the period of international signatures. Talented players of different nationalities will fulfill their dream of being part of an MLB organization. Predictably, several Cubans (15) are among the top prospects. It should be noted that since these negotiations began today, they will last almost a year … Read more

LAST MINUTE: 3 Cuban prospects in the Top 10 of International Firms

LAST MINUTE 3 Cuban prospects in the Top 10 of

By Gian Franco Gil / @Gian_Gil98 Next January 15 will be a crucial date for some of the Cuban prospects seeking a professional signing with a Major League franchise. Meanwhile, the official MLB website offered a list of the 10 best placed players to find their first contract in US baseball. Thus, for the next … Read more

Boston goes all out to international firms, prospects in sight

Boston goes all out to international firms prospects in sight

By Fredy A. Villalonga Major League Baseball is frozen by the lockout, but that’s not stopping teams from signing foreign talent. Dozens of prospects, mainly from Latin America and the Caribbean, will take a leap in their development by linking up with MLB franchises, the signing period begins on January 15, 2022 until December 15 … Read more

The 7 MLB teams that spent the most money on international market firms in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic also triggered changes in the international signing process of MLB, which now has a new date, January 15 instead of July 2. Still fresh in memory is the record $ 203 million spent by teams from Big leagues in 2017. These are the teams with the most money invested in international firms … Read more

John Carmona: “MLB agrees with the draft of international firms” (Interview)

John Carmona MLB agrees with the draft of international firms

The prominent president of the emblematic academy, La Javilla, openly declared for El Fildeo how important a draft of international firms becomes to amateur players due to the limitations in adolescents due to the current system. During a conversation with the current affairs and opinion writer for El Fildeo, Carlos Moreta, the president of the … Read more