Fifteen facts and numbers from the All-Star Game rosters

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On Tuesday the 19th, the stars will take over Dodger Stadium. By definition, the All-Star Game is always the stage where the biggest names in the event shine, and this year is no exception. After announcement on Sunday of the complete rosters of each leagueit’s time to look for the most relevant context. Here, we … Read more

A Campazzo behind

The spirited and sporting slide hits her on the forehead Facundo Campazzo. After several games where he seemed virtually ignored, he had a glory sunday and, when it was believed that it could be a springboard for tomorrow, hours later, it fell again. In the individual and in the collective. Look also This Monday, the … Read more

Trae Young fined $ 15,000 for tapping the referee on the shoulder

Many times it is said that soccer is a sport in which complaints and claims of all kinds are allowed too much to the referees. That the players must respect the authorities more as it happens in other sports, that fearlessly penalize the protagonists who vehemently question the failures. Look also To find out more … Read more