MLB wants to put advertising on players’ helmets and uniforms | the fielding

MLB wants to put advertising on players helmets and uniforms

The Players Union from MLB submitted a new proposal negotiations of the new Collective Labor Agreement (CBA) to the office of the Commissioner of Big leagues this Thursday, February 17, in a new meeting that both parties held and that only lasted 15 minutes. Although the players yielded on several important points in the negotiation, … Read more

THE 20 WAS STOLEN FROM HIM !!! Kiermaier’s spectacular fielding denied Gurriel’s home run

Kiermaier Gurriel

By Robiel Vega The closing of the season is impressive Lourdes Gurriel Jr., since the end of August to date his performance has only been increasing and today he is the leading RBI of all the Major Leagues with 26 so far in September. His 4 Grand Slam in 2021 set a record for his … Read more

Jacob deGrom versus Bob Gibson. 2021 versus 1968. Chronological Duel. | Fielding

Jacob deGrom versus Bob Gibson 2021 versus 1968 Chronological Duel

The pitching numbers that deGrom has registered in these first two and a half months of the season are impressive because in this era where the pitcher is recognized as a quality start every time he allows three runs for every 6 innings thrown, he has an ERA of 0.56 runs allowed for every nine … Read more