NFL: The facts you should know about the Sunday session of the Divisional Round

NBA summary Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 55 points the Thunder humiliated

Bills and Bengals put their streaks to the test, Cowboys-49ers write a new chapter in the rivalry of both franchises in the playoffs The divisional round concludes this Sunday with two attractive duels to define the rivals of the Kansas City Chiefs Y Philadelphia Eagles in the Conference Finals. In the first duel, the cincinnati … Read more

Kickoff to the 2022 NFL Season: Stats, Tips and Facts Every Fan Should Remember as They Enter Week 1

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

It is, indeed, the best, yes, the best, disease that can invade your mind. The “emotion-induced brain fog” is back. What is that? You’re so excited about something, in this case the NFL season, that you forget about regular events. That event occurs at the start of every NFL season. Here’s the formula: High expectations … Read more

Fifteen facts and numbers from the All-Star Game rosters

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On Tuesday the 19th, the stars will take over Dodger Stadium. By definition, the All-Star Game is always the stage where the biggest names in the event shine, and this year is no exception. After announcement on Sunday of the complete rosters of each leagueit’s time to look for the most relevant context. Here, we … Read more

TO KEEP: Records and interesting facts of the best baseball team in history

TO KEEP Records and interesting facts of the best baseball

By Jesus Perez Vichot (Chuchi) It is always interesting to know which are the players who have excelled the most in each Major League team. If there is a franchise that most fans are interested in, for better or worse (because there are also detractors), it is the New York Yankees. Hated or adored, but … Read more

Cesar Collins: Sharks have to get back on top. This is demonstrated with facts and not with words

Cesar Collins Sharks have to get back on top This

Guillermo Linares / @Guille94 The team Sharks of La Guairain the voice of Anthony Herrerapresident and owner of the club, along with Cesar Collinsnew general manager of the franchise, revealed that Henry White will be the manager of the sharks, and Edgardo Alfonso your bench coach for the upcoming contest. Also read: The helmsman chosen: … Read more

MLB: Remembering the legendary Hank Aaron one year after his death with 5 incredible facts

MLB Remembering the legendary Hank Aaron one year after his

Two numbers will be forever linked to Hank Aaron. The 715, the number of home runs it took to dethrone to Babe Ruth as the home run king in 1974, in one of the most iconic moments in the sport. And the 755, his home run total and a record that stood for 31 years. … Read more

MLB: Josh Gibson’s Most Impressive Facts, The Black Babe Ruth

MLB Josh Gibsons Most Impressive Facts The Black Babe Ruth

Josh Gibson never got a chance to play in MLBBut he left an indelible legacy in baseball history. An immeasurable presence both behind the plate and at bat, Gibson is considered one of the most fearsome sluggers to ever step on a diamond. A star of the Black Leagues In the decades before racial integration, … Read more

NFL: The facts you should know about the Sunday match of Week 13

NFL The facts you should know about the Sunday match

The Week 13 of the NFL continues its action this Sunday with a day in which multiple Super Bowl candidate teams will have action. The day began on Thursday night with the resounding victory of the Dallas cowboys, 27-17 on the New orleans saintsHowever, we could have much tighter duels in the remainder of the … Read more

Facts you should know about the Sunday games of Week 8

There are no undefeated teams and there is only one that has not been able to win (Lions). This week they rest: Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders. They have met 136 times in the regular season (Steelers lead 75-60-1). Steelers: 2 losses in a row vs. Browns including postseason. They haven’t lost 3 in … Read more