They go for the Eagles

They go for the Eagles scaled

Friday December 30, 2022 D.ak prescott passed for 282 yards and two touchdowns to Dalton Schultz for the ones dallas cowboysthey will tip the Tennessee Titans a 27-13 loss to record their sixth win in seven games. The Cowboys (12-4) earned their first consecutive 12-win seasons dating back to 1994 and 1995, when Dallas won … Read more

Cowboys offense will revolve around Dak Prescott with or without Kellen Moore

Cowboys offense will revolve around Dak Prescott with or without

DALLAS — The Dallas Cowboys offense will stick with the philosophy of revolving around quarterback Dak Prescott, no matter who the offensive coordinator is on duty, Mike McCarhty said. The Cowboys head coach said he was more than pleased with Prescott’s performance under any circumstances, after the quarterback has come under fire after finishing his … Read more

Do you expect radical changes in the Cowboys? better take a seat

Do you expect radical changes in the Cowboys better take

DALLAS — It’s highly unlikely that there will be any substantive fallout from the elimination of the Dallas Cowboys, despite the fact that Jerry Jones was silent when asked about the possibility of changing head coaches. After the loss to the San Francisco 49ers, which extended the Cowboys’ appearances in the Playoffs to 11 without … Read more

Cowboys could be whole, and healthy, just in time for the playoffs

Cowboys could be whole and healthy just in time for

McCarthy little by little recovers his boys and now it is a matter of synchronizing and oiling the machine, just in December, a key moment FRISCO, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys needed a break. After playing their third game in 12 days last Thursday, they were excited after a 27-17 win against the New Orleans … Read more