Barcelona- Real Madrid, the eternal final of Spanish basketball and with an Argentine accent

1655264005 Barcelona Real Madrid the eternal final of Spanish basketball and

Gabriel Deck (Real Madrid) and Nicolás Laprovittola (Barcelona), go for a new Spanish basketball crown An ideal final, eternal, with all the condiments that can be asked of a definition. And to complete the ideal menu, with Argentine flavor. This afternoon, from 4:00 p.m., the final of the Spanish Basketball League begins between Barcelona Y … Read more

an eternal generation

an eternal generation

For more than half of the squad that Carlo Ancelotti has led to the Champions League, the one in Paris will not be the first time they have fought to bring a new European Cup to the Bernabéu museum. The Italian coach has seasoned players in the white shirt in these games. Nine of the … Read more

The eternal pulse for the Premier between City and Liverpool: “If Pep wasn’t there…”

1649502569 The eternal pulse for the Premier between City and Liverpool

Jürgen Klopp has been ‘suffering’ Guardiola for years. “If my personality was different I would be depressed. At Dortmund I could have won more titles if Pep hadn’t been at Bayern and Liverpool for a few more leagues. They are a crazy football team and he is the best coach in the world.” A German … Read more

Ancelotti’s eternal doubt

Ancelottis eternal doubt

Madrid returns to the old ways: ten players are indisputable, but a vacancy dances every day, the right wing. The most latent debate in Chamartín. One cannon to starboard with alternating owners. Asensioafter his whiplash against Granada, detonated a boom that made him secure the position through meritocracy. It seemed the end of the runrún, … Read more

The eternal crisis of Real Madrid

1646559431 The eternal crisis of Real Madrid

ANDn the day on which the Real Madrid celebrates 120 years of history, Ancelotti’s team he shows himself to the world as the outstanding leader of LaLiga, with the rivals at a more than considerable distance. The numbers say it, always cold, but they show the reality of what happens in all the championships, unless … Read more

MLB: Old hills, eternal Ryan Zimmerman refuses to retire

The veteran of a thousand battles, Ryan zimmerman, he has only met one team in his 16-year Major League Baseball career. “El Señor National” was selected with the fourth overall selection by the Washington Nats in the 2005 draft, and it looks like he’s leaning toward a 17th season in DC Zimmerman expressed in an … Read more

Guardiola’s eternal dilemma with the ‘9’: “I always play with a center forward”


Pep Guardiola’s first tactical revolution caused an earthquake in the area. “He told me that he had seen Real Madrid a lot, that he had talked about it with Tito and that he was going to play as a false ‘9’. Eto’o and Henry would enter the wings and I, who would be in the … Read more

Draft LIDOM: The eternal dilemma of the listed prospect or the immediate contribution

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Sep 8, 2021 Winter Baseball Close In this blog you will find the latest information about the winter leagues of Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Although each team has clear plans according to the circumstances, there is always the fear that the figures chosen in the draft will not wear the shirts … Read more

Argentina ends the eternal wait

1625953539 Argentina ends the eternal wait

The last memory of the Argentina Selection is the runner-up of China 2019. Since that day 664 have already passed. But at midnight on Saturday the group led by Sergio Hernandez will be presented again, now with the objective of Olympic Games. In between, with an alternate team, qualifying matches for the AmeriCup were played. … Read more