Luis Campos: PSG hands over the keys to its project to its worst enemy

Luis Campos PSG hands over the keys to its project

“If you can not beat them, join them”, Paris Saint-Germain must have thought to, at the proposal of Kylian Mbappé, deliver him the ‘keys’ of his new project to Luís Filipe Hipólito Reis Pedrosa Campos (Esposende, 1964). The one who was a ‘scout’ for Real Madrid during José Mourinho’s time had become the particular ‘kryptonite’ … Read more

Scottie Pippen defended Michael Jordan from his worst enemy in the NBA

Scottie Pippen defended Michael Jordan from his worst enemy in

NBA A Detroit Pistons ‘bad boy’ is regarded as Michael Jordan’s worst enemy and when he finished MJ, Scottie Pippen came out in defense of the NBA legend. By Julio Montenegro November 22, 2021 11:27 PM EDT November 22, 2021 11:27 PM EDT © Getty ImagesIsiah Thomas, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen The price of … Read more

Lakers and their worst enemy: injuries

As if last season had served as a harbinger, the Los Angeles Lakers face injuries from their stars early in the season. Saturday night without Lebron James, neither Anthony Davis, Lakers fell 105-90 on their visit to the Portland Trail Blazers. James has missed four of the first 10 games this season. First, he suffered … Read more

The economy will be the worst enemy of an ambitious baseball project

By SwingCompleto / The Ciudad Deportiva has been the largest baseball epicenter in Cuba for decades from the amount of regular and improvised fields that have served to match leagues or “pitenes” at the same time like no other place on the island. Even the National Series itself and international events sponsored by the … Read more

Eriel Sánchez: the main enemy of Pedro Álvarez’s freedom

By Swing Completo / In a matter of a few weeks Eriel Sanchez He has become one of the most controversial Cuban baseball characters and, why not, even hated. All due to certain statements in which he has shown arrogance, servility and even a bit of contradiction. “The patriot” went down in history as … Read more

“What I went through, I do not wish it to the worst enemy” Eduardo Paret CONFESSED about Rolando Arrojo’s call

By Migue Guerra The famous call from Rolando Arrojo for which Eduardo Paret was sanctioned is an issue that is still quite controversial. This represents one of the many injustices that have been committed in Cuban baseball over the years and that have not only directly affected those involved. Rolando Arrojo, got his family to … Read more

Ramos, unexpected enemy

Ramos unexpected enemy

The image that illustrates this text is from yesterday. Sergio Ramos posted it on his social networks. It is the first time that he was able to train with Mbappé, now a brand new teammate. The photograph that many madridistas would have liked to see … but with a different shield on their shirts. Now, … Read more