Official: The new MLB 2022 rules have arrived. What is the Ohtani rule?

Official The new MLB 2022 rules have arrived What is

Carlos Daniel Carrasco / @carlosdcarrasco This Wednesday the Major Leagues officially announced the new rules that will be implemented for the new 2022 season. Among the novelties is the new condition where, “A starting pitcher retired from the game, can continue in action as a designated hitter”, This new measure is already being known as … Read more

Bob Abreu turns 48: his career as a player and businessman

Bob Abreu turns 48 his career as a player and

Carlos Daniel Carrasco / @carlosdcarrasco Former baseball player Bob Abreu is celebrating when he arrives today (March 11), at 48 years of age. Born in Turmero, Aragua State, he has a great career in baseball (LVBP, MLB) and is currently a recognized businessman in the country. Read also: Is Bob Abreu a member of the … Read more