Emilio Lara makes his debut with America; Naveda returns to a summons

We present to you those chosen by Santiago Solari to face Monterrey at the close of the regular phase with the top secured for the Eagles Emilio lara debuts tonight in the First Division. The youth squad of America was the main novelty in the lineup that presented Santiago Solari to face Monterrey on the … Read more

Shock in Europe: Emilio Ballack, the son of former footballer Michael, died at age 18

Shock in Europe Emilio Ballack the son of former footballer

Sadness in European football over the loss of Michael Ballack’s family Emilio ballack, second son of the historic former Chelsea German footballer, lost his life in an ATV accident in Portugal in the last morning, according to Portuguese media and confirmed the official account of the English club. The incident happened in Troia, a town … Read more