Dodgers: Dave Roberts’ epic reaction to Albert Pujols’ 700 HR (video)

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Regardless of which team they supported, the middle of the Big leagues I was waiting for what Albert Pujols I was going to do the night of Friday, September 23. The veteran accomplished the mission and connected his home run (HR) 700, with which he thrilled locals and strangers. Such is the case of Dave … Read more

Dodgers: Only Dave Roberts in history to throw out a perfect pitcher in the 7th… Twice!

Dodgers Only Dave Roberts in history to throw out a

Many criticisms are going to come to the manager Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers for his decision to release Clayton Kershaw while I was pulling a Perfect Game in 7 innings, where he barely had 80 pitches on his account and had already gotten 13 strikeouts against the Minnesota Twins. Former players of … Read more

Dodgers: Dave Roberts would continue as ‘long-term’ manager

The Los Angeles Dodgers entered the 2021 season from MLB how everyone’s true favorites to repeat the World Series championship they achieved last year; However, they have had to hand over the crown and there will be a new king of Major League baseball, but the team’s winning project remains more current than ever and … Read more

Roberts surprises everyone after confessing who is the best pitcher in all of MLB

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The Dodgers are right now two games away from Giants, current leaders of the West of the National League. With 10 games remaining in the regular role, anything can happen in this that will undoubtedly be an exciting season finale for both California clubs. Although both Los Angeles (97-55) and San Francisco (99-53) have both … Read more