How much money would the New York Yankees’ relief corps make if they sign Kenley Jansen?

How much money would the New York Yankees relief corps

A fortress of the New York Yankees in the last seasons of MLB it’s the reliever corps. But, despite its depth, there is talk that they could look for a pitcher to reinforce this department. Among the best relievers available in free agency of the Big leagues there’s Kenley Jansen, who they could call to … Read more

MLB Playoffs: Ranking of the 10 Postseason pitching corps

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October is about launching. Well, when it’s not a grounder through the legs of a first baseman, a 12-year-old boy sprawling on the outfield wall, a blockage call at third base, or a swarm of mosquitoes descending onto the field. But mostly it’s about pitching. So how are the Postseason teams of this year in … Read more

MLB: To the bullpen! Red Sox reinforces relief corps with Hansel Robles and Austin Davis

MLB To the bullpen Red Sox reinforces relief corps with

The Boston Red Sox they acquired the Dominican right-handed pitcher today Hansel robles and cash considerations from the Minnesota Twins, in exchange for Minor League right-hander Alex Scherff; Red Sox also landed the left-handed pitcher Austin Davis of the Pittsburgh Pirates, in exchange for infielder / outfielder Michael Chavis. Robles, 30, has made 45 appearances … Read more