THE CONSEQUENCES ARRIVED: The Commission’s measures created a new and great problem for the National Series

THE CONSEQUENCES ARRIVED The Commissions measures created a new and

By Yasel Porto The measure recently taken by the National Baseball Commission on the athletes Andrés Hernández and Alexis Varona has brought negative consequences within the National Series that the only thing they do is attack the tournament, its protagonists on the field and the fans at the game. Although the National Director of Baseball, … Read more

Gattuso’s farewell to Fiorentina: commissions, Jorge Mendes signings, insults …

Gattusos farewell to Fiorentina commissions Jorge Mendes signings insults

Gennaro Gattuso lasted 25 days at FiorentinaOn May 25, the ‘viola’ team announced their hiring as coach for the next two seasons. However, discrepancies with ownership and Jorge Mendes’ role in the discussions have broken the link just a month after signing it. The Calabrian coach left the Naples after finishing the season after De … Read more