Echenique and the Colombians who opened the doors to world sport

Echenique and the Colombians who opened the doors to world

The three minutes and four seconds that the Barranquillero played this Thursday, December 30 Jaime Echenique wearing the Washington Wizards jersey, they passed into eternity as the first presentation of a Colombian in the NBA. The tears that flowed from the debutant summed up the struggle of the almost three decades that have happened since … Read more

Millionaires want to keep Junior’s file: Gamero knows him well

Millionaires want to keep Juniors file Gamero knows him well

The days go by and on Millionaires There are still no official signings, although there is information on several casualties for 2022. The most painful were those of Fernando Uribe and Daniel Giraldo, who will now play with Junior. Precisely, a card from the rojiblanco team could land in the albiazul for next season. Is … Read more

Are you excited about the FPC? What they say from Tijuana about Cardona

Are you excited about the FPC What they say from

The name of Edwin cardona It appeared again as a possibility for a team in Colombia, but this time it is not about the powerful Nacional or Junior, who have the most expensive payrolls in the Betplay League. Although the largest shareholder of the America from Cali, Tulio Gómez, already confirmed that it was a … Read more

They have just been summoned and could two coffee growers get off the list?

Everything is ready for the return of the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022. The Colombian National Team, led by Reinaldo Rueda, already has its list of 28 summoned for the duels against Brazil and Paraguay. Although it is expected that the aforementioned will play the next few days with their clubs and later … Read more

Colombians around the world. James’s dart to Rafa Benítez ?: “I’m training well, don’t believe what they say out there”


MARK On and off the court James Rodríguez is always on the radar. The midfielder Everton has become a regular on the Twitch platform and from there he answers questions and exchanges opinions with his followers. On this occasion, he spoke openly about an eventual return to the Colombian National Team. He also responded to … Read more

Do they go into rebellion? Colombians would travel despite the ‘no’ of their leagues

In recent days, the leagues of England, Spain, Italy and Portugal, restricted the departure of the players summoned to the triple date of South American qualifying, affecting the different teams, including Colombia. The presence of seven key chips in Reinaldo Rueda’s squad was in doubt, however, some players would have made the decision to travel … Read more

Exchange between Colombians! Unexpected move would remove James from Everton

The madness of the market can do everything! James Rodríguez presses to leave, almost flee, from Everton, while for a compatriot his goodbye would be the gateway to the Premier League. The move is unexpected but very favorable for the southpaw: he would return to Porto, where he began his journey in Europe, and his … Read more