MLB News: How ‘Steve Cohen Tax’ could keep Yankees from signing left fielder in free agency

MLB News How Steve Cohen Tax could keep Yankees from

The New York Yankees had a very productive winter: They kept first baseman Anthony Rizzo and especially right fielder Aaron Judge, and added left-handed starter Carlos Rodon. But they can pass up the remaining left-field free agents like Jurickson Profar, David Peralta and Corey Dickerson. They want to stay below the $293 million dollar luxury … Read more

METS and Cohen: the big losers in the negotiations between MLB and the Union

METS and Cohen the big losers in the negotiations between

With the negotiations between the Major League office and the Players Union stuck, we began to think, who is one of the biggest losers so far? And one name immediately came to mind: Steve Cohen, the owner of the Mets. The beginning Steve Cohen He comes to the Mets in September 2020 after winning a … Read more

MLB: Owners ‘don’t want another Steve Cohen’ who spends big like Mets owner

MLB Owners dont want another Steve Cohen who spends big

The negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA are basically stuck on the question Competitive Balance Tax (CBT for its acronym in English) or how it is colloquially called “Luxury Tax”, which works as a soft salary cap that penalizes teams that spend more on payroll thanue determined in that season. In 2021, one of the … Read more

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen must take drastic measures to fix his team

Whatever the next step New York Mets owner Steve Cohen takes, he can do it with a clear conscience and his sense of justice fully intact. Because many of those hired since he was inducted into the owners’ club have made Cohen’s first year at the helm an unprecedented embarrassment. The guy initially hired to … Read more