Basketball, Closure of Disability Centers, Swimming, Motocross, and Auto Racing. The sports agenda to enjoy the weekend

Basketball Closure of Disability Centers Swimming Motocross and Auto Racing.webp

All activities are organized, or have the sponsorship, support or accompaniment of the Undersecretary of Sports of the Municipality of Reconquista. Basketball On Friday, November 25, at the “El Gigante del Bulevar” stadium, the return match for the best of two matches of the Unified Stage Quarterfinals of the Santa Fe Basketball Cup in the … Read more

Threat of closure in LaLiga

Ronald Acuna Jr revela a lo que se hubiera dedicado

Maximum tension in LaLiga. As El Mundo has advanced and has been able to confirm AS, Spanish football could be facing a lockout as the First and Second Division clubs are considering as a protest measure against the swerve of the PP and the Government in the processing of the new Sports Law. This Monday … Read more



In the CAB Region Division 1 this Thursday the ninth date will start, the last of the first round when Belgrano visits Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda. On Friday, the leader, Regatas, will host Provincial, while on Saturday Somisa will play in Rosario against Temperley. Belgrano comes from winning the classic against Regatas From the Editorial Office … Read more

Uncertainty in the Caribbean before closure in MLB

Uncertainty in the Caribbean before closure in MLB

SANTO DOMINGO — Wild celebrations on the pitch after a big hit. Regional rivalries to the max. And a lot of merriment in the stands. 2 Related The Caribbean Baseball Series took place this week in the Dominican Republic with its usual splendor, and it may be the last baseball activity to be held in … Read more

MLB asks federal mediator to negotiate closure

MLB asks federal mediator to negotiate closure

Major League Baseball has requested a federal mediator to intervene in stalled negotiations that could force a postponement of the preseason. On the 64th day of the strike, Major League Baseball Deputy Commissioner Dan Halem requested Thursday that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) intervene in the dispute. 2 Related The Players’ Association must … Read more

CLOSURE in Japan would affect the arrival of players, WILL THEY DEBUT in the 61 Series?

CLOSURE in Japan would affect the arrival of players WILL

Dency Milan / @Dmilandesde The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all daily activities in the world, and baseball has been no exception. With the increase in cases due to the new variant, the most recognized leagues could be in danger of starting on the date foreseen in their regular calendar and the participation of foreigners. This … Read more

Salto Shopping Mall is experiencing one of its worst crises after the closure of bridges due to the pandemic | Daily Change


By Andrés Torterola.To speak of the shopping promenade or popularly called “bagashopping” of Salto, is to refer to a multitude of people, many businesses and an incessant movement of merchants who offer their products at very good prices. Although the good prices continue, the rest is just a memory, very few people go to this … Read more