The Argentina draw is clarified: the prize that could be won as first!

Manchester United and Barcelona agree on the final price of

11/30/2022 at 5:54 p.m. TEC The albiceleste team could face Australia if they finish as the first group Denmark was shipwrecked and Tunisia did not earn the victory against France to access The Argentina of Lionel Scaloni could running into a Cinderella in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. After … Read more

OFFICIAL: Cuban Federation ANNOUNCED new contracts and clarified controversy

OFFICIAL Cuban Federation ANNOUNCED new contracts and clarified controversy

By Yasel Porto Several players who participate in the current baseball season in its 60th edition are already guaranteed their participation in future professional leagues. At least start in them because everyone knows that in many of these contests a contract can be broken at the end of the month without the need to wait … Read more

“I apologize for how everything went, I did NOT run away, I did NOT go illegally, I did NOT stay”, clarified a prominent player from Industriales

I apologize for how everything went I did NOT run

By Yasel Porto A lot of information is constantly being generated about the losses of players on team rosters without starting the 61 National Series yet. Most of the departures have been with the intention of migrating or trying to dream of signing in the United States, although there have been cases different, either because … Read more

Exclusively: Luis Ulacia clarified the reason for his retirement and the controversial 2001 World Cup

Exclusively Luis Ulacia clarified the reason for his retirement and

By Yasel Porto No one doubts that one of the most important players to have passed through the Cuban National Series has been Luis Ulacia Álvarez. The Camagüey man achieved extraordinary defensive versatility in addition to having become a batter full of resources that for a long time kept him immovable in the Cuba team. … Read more

Pedro Medina exclusively clarified about controversies, myths and realities of Edmonton’s historic home run

Pedro Medina exclusively clarified about controversies myths and realities of

By Yasel Porto Even for many of us who did not experience that hit, Pedro Medina’s home run in the final of the 1981 Edmonton Intercontinental Cup is in our minds as something sacred and sublime when it comes to home runs or momentous moments in Cuban baseball history. All despite the fact that that … Read more

Popular player from Industriales clarified the way he worked in a Cuban funeral home

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By SwingCompleto / Although it is difficult to be exact numerically speaking, what is true is that there have been very few players who have acted at a high level and who after their retirement were linked in one way or another with funeral services. At least in contemporary times, the case that is … Read more

Gallardo avoided confirming the Barcelona rumors, but clarified: “My decision is to fulfill the contract I have”

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Coach Marcelo Gallardo on Friday avoided commenting on whether he was contacted by Spanish Barcelona and assured that he intends to fulfill his contract with River Plate, which ends in December. River’s DT claimed to be “focused on the Superclásico” and confirmed his continuity at the Millionaire, at least until December. “I was wondering … Read more

Homicide: Chief of Police assured that the fact is “totally clarified” | Daily Change

By Andrés Ferreira.Last Tuesday afternoon, they found a lifeless and mutilated body in a vacant lot in the Cien Manzanas neighborhood. From that moment, police personnel began a strong investigation that has advanced rapidly and in the last hours everything indicates that the fact would be clarified. Gathering information in this regard, CAMBIO interviewed Carlos … Read more

Del Risco CLARIFIED about the director of Equipo Cuba, reinforcements and possible changes in the National Series

Del Risco CLARIFIED about the director of Equipo Cuba reinforcements

By Franco Miguel Alvariño Cuban baseball is hanging by a thread. The disastrous appearances in recent international tournaments demonstrate the precarious state of health of a sports discipline, which is an inseparable part of our idiosyncrasy. At this point there are still many doubts about the immediate future of the national pastime. With the aim … Read more