Killings in free fall, Ciego stops Villa Clara. Summary Series 61

Killings in free fall Ciego stops Villa Clara Summary Series

By Pablo Pichardo/ @Pablo_Pichardo1 Very closed meetings were held on the afternoon of this Tuesday inside the 61 National Baseball Seriesleaving even more closed the fight for the outposts that guarantee to be in the postseason. Tigres continue storming the standings An extraordinary duel of starters, something rare in this tournament, could be enjoyed at … Read more

Villa Clara in train crash against Ciego, Granma for the return. Previous

Villa Clara in train crash against Ciego Granma for the

By Pablo Pichardo/ @Pablo_Pichardo1 As could be predicted before starting the very close tournament, the fight between 12 teams is going in search of keeping a place among those classified for the postseason of the 61 National Baseball Series. The weekend sub-series left very striking results such as the sweep of the Leñadores de Las … Read more

Pitcher of more than 40 years GAVE A RECITAL for the Island. TRIUMPHS of Ciego, Las Tunas, Granma and Villa Clara. Summary Series 61

Pitcher of more than 40 years GAVE A RECITAL for

By Robiel Vega/ @robielcuba87 At the start of the particular series on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, six games were played in the afternoon, while for the first time this season two night games will be played on the same day; when Wasps and Roosters face each other in the José Antonio Huelga and Crocodiles and … Read more

Ciego BREAK UNDEFEATED Matanzas, Mayabeque DOES NOT LOSE, Cienfuegos WON the 1st. National Series Summary

Ciego BREAK UNDEFEATED Matanzas Mayabeque DOES NOT LOSE Cienfuegos WON

By Robiel Vega/@robielcuba87 In a day of very few home runs and great performances by Danny Betancourt, Yoanni Yera and Yoen Socarrás, the Hurricanes kept their unbeaten record, the Crocodiles lost it and the Elefantes from Cienfuegos achieved their first victory in this National Series. Elephants made the cross before some Lumberjacks who did not … Read more