Delfino: ‘I could never retire from the National Team’

1637843231 Delfino I could never retire from the National Team

11/25/2021 6:01 AM Updated 11/25/2021 6:01 AM Serie Carlos Delfino, enjoy. His historical companions are biking, fishing, commenting on TV, but he keeps going. At age 39, and after a partial farewell at the 2016 Rio Games, Lancha o Cabeza returned to a National Team that Look also -If there is something that characterizes you, … Read more

Miguel Cabrera surpassed Charlie Gehringer’s ticket mark in MLB

Miguel Cabrera surpassed Charlie Gehringers ticket mark in MLB

The Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers overcame the brand of tickets of Charlie gehringer on the MLB. Before the day of Saturday where the Detroit Tigers were measured against the Cleveland Indians, the Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera I was matched with the legendary ex player Charlie gehringer with the same amount of tickets … Read more