Basketball, Closure of Disability Centers, Swimming, Motocross, and Auto Racing. The sports agenda to enjoy the weekend

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All activities are organized, or have the sponsorship, support or accompaniment of the Undersecretary of Sports of the Municipality of Reconquista. Basketball On Friday, November 25, at the “El Gigante del Bulevar” stadium, the return match for the best of two matches of the Unified Stage Quarterfinals of the Santa Fe Basketball Cup in the … Read more

Embiid-Jokic, an even fight between dominant centers

Embiid Jokic an even fight between dominant centers

Nikola Jockiccurrent NBA MVP and Joel Embid They have a lot in common. Every night they seem hell-bent on proving that whatever the Denver Nuggets center does, the Philadelphia 76ers center can do better and vice versa. Coincidence or not, the two ‘big men’ have played on the same day in each of their teams’ … Read more

From Chicharito to Macías, a gulf between the last forward centers that Chivas sent to Europe

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Between the last two strikers that Chivas exported to Europe there is an abyss at the beginning; Chicharito with goals and titles in Manchester, while Macías with little participation in Getafe Jose Juan Macías and Javier Hernandez They are the last forwards that Chivas sent Europe, the first one plays in Getafe and will fight … Read more

Martino has called seven forward centers in seven months; Funes Mori, the bet for the Gold Cup

Martino has called seven forward centers in seven months Funes

The Argentine naturalized Mexican will have his first experience with El Tri in the Gold Cup Gerardo Martino has called up seven players who can play in the center-forward position since Raul Jimenez, who was the ‘9’ holder of the Mexican National Team, suffered a skull fracture. Rogelio Funes Mori is the new bet of … Read more