David Ortiz warns NY: ‘Yankees, be careful with your new Papi in the Playoffs’

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

After announcing his retirement from baseball, David Ortiz made clear his love for the “King of Sports”, as he is still linked to the ball but now as an analyst on the television network Fox Sports. Price at start of American League Championship Series (ALCS) between the yankees and the stars“big daddy” issued a warning … Read more

Be careful with these 10 fights for individual leadership

Ronald Acuna Jr revela a lo que se hubiera dedicado

With about a month to go in the regular season, some individual stat battles are already decided. No one is going to homer Aaron Judge, for example. But in other categories, the fight could last until the final stretch, with two or more players battling for the lead. Here we leave you with a subjective … Read more

Be careful, away goals are no longer worth double

1644893780 Be careful away goals are no longer worth double

“You have to score a goal in the first leg away from home no matter what.” That phrase, so popular among fans and players in European competitions for more than half a century, no longer makes sense as of this Tuesday, when the knockout stages of the Champions League begin. UEFA abolished in June last … Read more

THE REVIEW | Joey Gallo has everything to change the face of the Yankees, but you have to be careful

THE REVIEW Joey Gallo has everything to change the

Joey Gallo, star slugger of the MLB for which many teams yearned, will now be a weapon of the powerful lineup of the New York Yankees. At first glance, the move looks very positive for the American League squad. They get the power left-handed hitter they’ve been missing for a couple of years, swing the … Read more