Candela Díaz, a story of inclusion and improvement thanks to basketball


And then the Temperley club opened the doors for her and gave her a scholarship. He overcame prejudices and entered a new environment naturally. Today he is part of the Sub 14, although “I also play for the Sub 16, Sub 19 and the first division,” he said happily while making it clear that “I … Read more

From the Tablada neighborhood, Candela Díaz stands out in basketball and is an example of overcoming


Through the “Movete playing basketball” project carried out by the Municipality of Rosario, through the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, girls and boys between 8 and 13 years old approach the activity in the Parque del Mercado sports centers; July 9th; Parque Oeste and Parque Yrigoyen. Candela Díaz lives with her family in the southern … Read more