In Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes threatens: “Defenses won’t know where the ball is going”

In Kansas City Patrick Mahomes threatens Defenses wont know where

The Chiefs quarterback showed off the wide variety of weapons he will have at his disposal next season, despite losing Tyreek Hill this offseason. The field marshal of the Kansas City ChiefsPatrick Mahomeswarned this Thursday that with his new receiving corps, the defenses of the other teams in the NFL they won’t know where he’s … Read more

Looking ahead to a defensive rebuild, is there still room for Tyrann Mathieu with the Kansas City Chiefs?

Looking ahead to a defensive rebuild is there still room

The defensive back is the heart of everything Kansas City does defensively, but also in the locker room, and it would be difficult to replace him with just one player. KANSAS CITY — The Kansas City Chiefs They got off to an uncharacteristic start in 2021, losing four of their first seven games. Turnovers were … Read more