Jared Borgetti: “We shouldn’t be scared, the strong one is Argentina and Mexico will fight for the other ticket”

Jared Borgetti We shouldnt be scared the strong one is

The former Mexican striker recalls that Poland qualified in the playoffs and that Robert Lewandowski cannot do everything Jared Borgetti knows well what it is to play a World Cup, because he was in the editions of Korea-Japan 2002 and Germany 2006. The ex-soccer player and now an analyst for ESPNconsider that Mexico You do … Read more

Jared Borgetti and the luxury committee that debates the possibility of a World Cup every two years

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The ESPN analyst shares an analysis table with figures of the stature of Ronaldo, Klinsmann, Van Basten and Mascherano Jared borgetti is part of the luxury committee that, together with the FIFA, analyzes proposals such as playing the world Cup every two years and modify the international football calendar. In a meeting that takes place … Read more