Who is Cristhian Vaquero, the prospect who received a $4.9 million bonus?

Who is Cristhian Vaquero the prospect who received a 49

Cristhian Vaquero is the international market prospect who received the highest bonus in 2022. Nationals They agreed to give him a check for 4.9 million dollars convinced of his qualities to be a baseball player. MLB someday. Where does prospect Cristhian Vaquero come from? This is a question that everyone asks, now that he is … Read more

There is money! Red Sox give Marcelo Mayer nearly $ 7 million bonus after draft

Marcelo Mayer the possible first draft pick is compared to

The MLB draft is already a few weeks since it took place, and one of the best prospects that were selected was the of Mexican-American Marcelo Mayer, who was chosen by the Boston Red Sox as the fourth overall team and considered one of the best players of his generation. Now, it’s time to sign … Read more