Bobby Bonilla continues to make money, they auction their contract!

Lazo and Contreras CRITICIZED SERIOUS PROBLEMS of the Cuban pitching

In the sports world, July 1 is known as the bobby bonilla daybecause on this date the New York Mets pay the amount of $1,193,248.20 in deferred payments until 2035, as part of the most infamous deferred payment contract in the history of American professional sports, which made Bonilla collect until he was 72 years … Read more

What is Bobby Bonilla Day? The worst MLB contract

Alex Verdugo Reveals Being Upset Over Dodgers Red Sox Trade

The worst contract in the history of professional sports for a franchise. This is how the incredible case of Bobby Bonillathe baseball player who He has been retired for more than 20 years and every July 1 earns 1.2 million dollars on time coming from the New York Metsa club that will continue to give … Read more

Chris Davis will receive the Bobby Bonilla treatment and will receive millions until his 51 years

1629198689 Chris Davis will receive the Bobby Bonilla treatment and will

Chris Davis announced this week his retirement as a player from MLB after 14 seasons. The slugger’s farewell to the Los Baltimore Orioles, who was unable to recover from hip surgery. Davis was a two-time American League home run champion and attended an All-Star Game. And although he will not take a turn at the … Read more

Bonilla style! Orioles will have to pay millions to former MLB home runner after retirement

Bonilla style Orioles will have to pay millions to former

Last week a piece of news that was not expected in the middle of the baseball of the MLB then Chris Davis announced his retirement as a professional baseball player. Later, more information was obtained in this regard, which includes that Baltimore Orioles will have to continue paying him the ex-Major League slugger as the … Read more

The incredible story of Bobby Bonilla: He retired from professional baseball in 2001, but one of his teams pays him more than a million dollars a year

The incredible story of Bobby Bonilla He retired from professional

Bobby Bonilla retired 20 years ago, but he’s still making a fortune Every July 1, baseball fans ironically celebrate the “Bobby bonilla day”. It is a symbolic celebration of a real event that ranks among the most surreal in world sport: he has not played in the Major Leagues (MLB, for its acronym in English) … Read more