Boca’s applause meter: one by one, the most APPRAISED and CRITICIZED players in La Bombonera – TyC Sports

Bocas applause meter one by one the most APPRAISED and

The fans expressed their opinion from the stands when the voice of the stadium reviewed the 11 starters of the Xeneize against Platense. There were applause, some murmurs and a standing ovation for Agustín Rossi. With a decisive Romero, Boca added three to his people again … Read more

Party at the Bombonera: Boca won and finished first in their group

Party at the Bombonera Boca won and finished first in

It had to be like this to Boca, with a goal from Boca’s five, with a goal born of emotion, of sacrifice, of the fight, of the anguish, of the battle won in that place on the pitch by Battaglia himself. The classification, the unforgettable week, the 72nd star, the cupbearer’s dream, suddenly come together … Read more

Alert in Boca Juniors: Battaglia suspended the press conference and Riquelme met with the Council in the Bombonera

Alert in Boca Juniors Battaglia suspended the press conference and

After a new tie of Boca JuniorsSebastian Battaglia decided to suspend the press conference. As reported in ESPNthe coach xeneize ended up very upset with the image that his team showed in the equality 1-1 against Godoy Cruz for date 11 of the League Cup. To the weak collective performance, a surprising streak was added: … Read more

The meeting between Riquelme and Messi’s family in the Bombonera: the special gift and the curious detail on the box TV

1648283464 The meeting between Riquelme and Messis family in the Bombonera

Riquelme gave a Boca shirt to Jorge Messi Lionel Messi enjoyed a special day in Argentina. After the criticism he received in France for PSG’s defeat against Real Madrid, which led to the elimination of the Parisian team from the Champions League, La Bombonera gave a more than deserved welcome to the Rosario star and … Read more

The memes exploded for the suspension of the match between Boca and Newell’s in La Bombonera

The memes exploded for the suspension of the match between

The match between Boca Juniors and Newell’s Old Boys who had to play for the 23rd Professional League date was postponed to Monday (with a schedule to be defined) due to the incessant rain that fell throughout Sunday and flooded the Bombonera playing field. Patricio Loustau, the referee of the match, decided his suspension after … Read more

From Dalma’s tears that moved the world, to Riquelme’s applause: the emotional tribute to Maradona at La Bombonera

* The emotional tribute to Maradona in minute 10 Fate gave a special wink. On the one hand, his first love. Of the other, the last. Boca Juniors and Gymnastics of La Plata I know faced by the Professional League and coincidentally they did it on October 30th. The first birthday without the physical presence … Read more