WITH EVERYTHING! Marcus Stroman kept nothing to himself and attacked Billy Eppler on Social Networks

WITH EVERYTHING Marcus Stroman kept nothing to himself and attacked

The pitcher of Chicago Cubs, marcus stromanwas felt in Social Networks, where attacked to the General Manager of the Mets from New York of the Major Leagues – MLB. Pitcher Marcus Stroman made a statement public on his Twitter account, where he thanked God for putting him out of the New York Mets organization, after … Read more

MLB: How Billy Wagner reinvented himself from right-handed pitching to left-handed

MLB How Billy Wagner reinvented himself from right handed pitching to

It sounds like a baseball legend, the kind of story your grandpa might have told you before bedtime when you were little and believed everything you were told. A young boy in the Appalachia region of Virginia breaks his right arm –– his dominant arm — twice, before he was 7 years old. Somehow he … Read more

Billy Álvarez case: what will be his future in Cruz Azul


Guillermo Álvarez was demarcated from the Cruz Azul Cooperative (Photo: Germán Romero / Cuartoscuro) Since the departure of Guillermo Hector Álvarez Cuevas, better known as Billy Alvarez, of the directive of the Cooperativa Cruz Azul, the team of the Celestial Machine managed to raise his performance in the MX League and achieved the goal he … Read more