The neighborhood club that comes together to fulfill the dream of building a new basketball court

The neighborhood club that comes together to fulfill the dream

It’s in Victoria and they need to do a hardwood floor and new hoops. They sell raffles and a bonus contribution to reach the goal at Christmas. The Victoria Social and Development Club, located on Ingeniero White street at 1153 of that town in San Fernando, is a historic institution for neighborhood families. Since XXXX … Read more

PHOTOS: Michael Jordan buys a luxurious yacht; includes basketball court

1639355483 PHOTOS Michael Jordan buys a luxurious yacht includes basketball court

Michael Jordan I buy an luxurious yacht in one billion pesos; It has a basketball court. The legend of the NBA he continues to buy luxurious properties, and his latest acquisition was a yacht worth more than one billion pesos. Former Chicago Bulls player and legend Michael Jordan purchased the luxurious yacht in 2019. Since … Read more

The shocking photos of Michael Jordan’s yacht: basketball court and 80 million dollars

1638883225 The shocking photos of Michael Jordans yacht basketball court and

Michael Jordan He did not play in this era in which basketball – and many other sports – distribute figures that at times seem incredible. Nevertheless, he and other players at that time made fortunes from their contracts, and they continue to do so for their various personal projects after finishing their professional careers. Look … Read more

The unmissable dialogue between Messi, Scaloni, Tite and Neymar on the pitch: ‘We’ve been here for three days and they waited for the game to start’

Five minutes and 20 seconds of play. A group of officials from the National Health Surveillance Agency enters the playing field of the Neo Química Arena in San Pablo and the match between Brazil and Argentina, for the Qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022, is interrupted. Discussions and some other push lead to the … Read more

A large three-bedroom residence with a swimming pool, basketball court and huge garden in Pinar Sur is topped without a base

The auctioneer Federico Silveira Abu Arab will auction on Thursday, September 9, an excellent residence located in Pinar Sur. The auction will be judicial, without basis and in pesos, and will be held at the National Association of Auctioneers, Appraisers and Real Estate Brokers, in Uruguay 826, between Andes and Florida, at 2:30 pm. The … Read more