MLB: The only pitcher to face Aaron Judge and Barry Bonds and ‘live to tell the tale’

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The New York Yankees have already qualified for the playoffs. and seek to secure the division title, having a series against the hated rivals Boston Red Sox winning the first two games; being in addition the search of history on the part of Aaron Judge, who follows in 60 homers, to one of the brand … Read more

New York Yankees manager took aim at Barry Bonds with Aaron Judge: He does it clean

Fernando Tatis Jrs unexpected decision to go to Padres Stadium

MLB In an interview with an MLB reporter, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone took aim at Barry Bonds with Aaron Judge: He does it clean. By Julius Montenegro September 22, 2022 12:50AM EDT September 22, 2022 12:50AM EDT © Getty ImagesAaron Boone, Aaron Judge and Barry Bonds The story of the greatest home run … Read more

Aaron Judge will have to repeat Sammy Sosa’s historic feat to reach Barry Bonds’ record

MLB Rookie millionaire Braves sign eight year extension to young freshman

The Yankees player will have to reach a number of home runs that has only been hit once in history to break the record for most home runs in a season. It is practically a fact that Aaron Judge will finish the 2022 season as the all-time home run leader in the Big leagues. Additionally, … Read more

Pujols ties Barry Bonds’ home run record, but not the one you think…

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The Dominican has a high chance of overcoming the “King of the Home Runs” and keeping one of the most particular records that he shares with him. Albert Pujols is about to tie an all-time home run record for Barry Bonds. It is not about the greatest number of home runs in history, which it … Read more

Miguel Cabrera connects his double 601 and equals the mark of Barry Bonds

Miguel Cabrera connects his double 601 and equals the mark

Photo: Detroit Tigers Venezuelan baseball player Miguel Cabrera hit his 601st double in the Major Leagues on Thursday, tying Barry Bonds for 17th place among players with the most doubles in history. The shot connected him during the game of the Detroit Tigers against the Oakland Athletics, driving in the tying run at 3 in … Read more

MLB: Braves GM in the 90’s reveals that they were going to sign Barry Bonds, but they preferred Greg Maddux

MLB Braves GM in the 90s reveals that they were

Even though the Atlanta Braves during the 90’s they only won the World Series the 1995 World Series, the reality is that they were the most successful team of the decade in the National League, winning 5 Old Circuit pennants between 1990 and 1999, in addition to 7 division titles between those years. Legendary players … Read more

MLB: For Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds has been the best of all time

MLB For Albert Pujols Barry Bonds has been the best

Albert Pujols is perhaps the last player, along with Miguel Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and some others how Justin Verlander or Zack Greinkewho once came to share a playing field in MLB with the Stars from the 90’s and early 2000’s in full transition of the Age of Steroids, coinciding with players like Randy Johnson, Greg … Read more

My name is Bonds, Barry Bonds

My name is Bonds Barry Bonds

When a journalist asked him how he had been able to hit so many home runs (762) in his twenty-two-year professional career in Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds replied: “Ask God, he should know.” . The question was tricky, because the shadow of doubt has rested on the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants player … Read more

MLB: Did Babe Ruth Burn His Wife Alive? Verlander’s brother makes controversial statement in support of Barry Bonds

MLB Did Babe Ruth Burn His Wife Alive Verlanders brother

The fact that Barry Bonds with Roger Clemens have not entered the MLB Hall of Fame has caused quite a heated debate in the baseball world, with arguments for and against that these players, along with others who are involved in the problem of prohibited substances and other entanglements of a personal nature, may enter … Read more