MLB: The only pitcher to face Aaron Judge and Barry Bonds and ‘live to tell the tale’

Noticias de la NFL – Jueves 18 de agosto de

The New York Yankees have already qualified for the playoffs. and seek to secure the division title, having a series against the hated rivals Boston Red Sox winning the first two games; being in addition the search of history on the part of Aaron Judge, who follows in 60 homers, to one of the brand … Read more

MLB: ESPN places Babe Ruth as the ‘no.1 in history’; Bonds is 8 and Mike Trout is 15

MLB ESPN places Babe Ruth as the no1 in history

The list of the 100 best players in the history of MLB has given a lot to talk about recently, mainly because of the position he had Derek Jeter in the count by being in 28th place above other historical how Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Ichiro, or for the inclusion of Bryce Harper in the … Read more

MLB: For Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds has been the best of all time

MLB For Albert Pujols Barry Bonds has been the best

Albert Pujols is perhaps the last player, along with Miguel Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and some others how Justin Verlander or Zack Greinkewho once came to share a playing field in MLB with the Stars from the 90’s and early 2000’s in full transition of the Age of Steroids, coinciding with players like Randy Johnson, Greg … Read more

MLB: Did Babe Ruth Burn His Wife Alive? Verlander’s brother makes controversial statement in support of Barry Bonds

MLB Did Babe Ruth Burn His Wife Alive Verlanders brother

The fact that Barry Bonds with Roger Clemens have not entered the MLB Hall of Fame has caused quite a heated debate in the baseball world, with arguments for and against that these players, along with others who are involved in the problem of prohibited substances and other entanglements of a personal nature, may enter … Read more

MLB: Pitcher of Giants defends Barry Bonds and says that there are those who used steroids in the HOF

MLB Pitcher of Giants defends Barry Bonds and says that

The hot topic of the moment is undoubtedly the next announcement of the Hall of Fame on January 25, after in 2021 there was no new elected in Cooperstown. With so many names as incredible as they are controversial, including players who are in their last year of eligibility how Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Curt … Read more

MLB: The pitcher who humiliated and was the ‘nemesis’ of Barry Bonds in his career

MLB The pitcher who humiliated and was the nemesis of

Barry bonds is recognized for having been one of the players with one of the most lethal bats of all the Big leagues. However, there is a pitcher who achieved what few and ‘humiliated’ Bonds throughout his MLB career and ended up becoming his nemesis. Is about Paul assenmacher. Here we tell you about it. … Read more

MLB: Willie Mays calls for Barry Bonds to be inducted into the Hall of Fame ‘before he’s gone’

MLB Willie Mays calls for Barry Bonds to be inducted

One of the most controversial cases of all time when Hall of Fame MLB It’s Barry Bonds, who is considered by many to be the best hitter in history. However, his candidacy is clouded by his relationship with the Banned Substances and the Age of Steroids And although he never tested positive for any anti-doping … Read more

Legend David Ortiz says Barry Bonds is the best ever; must be in the HOF

David ortiz knows how to recognize the performance that his colleagues have had in baseball MLB and recently declared that for him Barry Bonds is the best player in history and that he should be in the Hall of Fame (HOF). The names of these two players have always been in two contrasting conversations because … Read more

MLB: Joey Votto hits home run for Reds and achieves this Barry Bonds record

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Joey votto has had outstanding performances in the 2021 Season of MLB with Cincinnati Reds. On the afternoon of this Monday, September 27, they faced the Pittsburgh Pirates in one of the last days of the campaign and Votto hit a home run that made him join nothing more and nothing less than Barry Bonds … Read more