Matt Hardy talks about Vince McMahon’s mentality towards the “babyface” – Planet Wrestling

Matt Hardy talks about Vince McMahons mentality towards the babyface

Over the last few weeks there have been many AEW news regarding the talent coming from WWE itself due to the traumatic situation with so many layoffs that are taking place. The main fact comes when one of these explains details of his past in WWE. Matt Hardy and his relationship with Vince The AEW … Read more

Top star teases babyface turn, failed finale during WWE Raw match?

Top star teases babyface turn failed finale during WWE Raw

WWE is causing the separation of another duo. During the opening segment on WWE Monday Night Raw, Bobby Lashley told Big E that he does not need MVP to fight his battles and suggested that MVP should face WWE Champion Big E in one match. Seth Rollins attacked Lashley around the ring area, but Big … Read more