NBA Playoffs: Dallas cheers up with a Doncic who attends sitting

NBA Playoffs Dallas cheers up with a Doncic who attends

The Dallas Mavericks of Luka Doncić and the Philadelphia 76ers, with the return of JOel Embiidwere strong on their court this Friday to add their first victories in the Conference semifinals of the NBA against Phoenix and Miami. The Suns and Heat, the top seed in the West and East, respectively, continue to lead the … Read more

WWE Raw registers the worst attendance data since its return with the public – Planeta Wrestling

This same week with the WWE championship established on Big E’s waist, it was expected that the data could stabilize with the presence of Drew as the main dish of the evening and a tag team match between the four best fighters in the division. This week’s attendance Regarding the attendance data in the arena, … Read more