Albert Pujols hit two home runs and is still approaching 700

NFL Steelers manager wants Diontae Johnson to be a part

The Dominican Albert Pujols hit a beautiful home run in the Major Leagues-MLB. Through the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers game, Albert Pujols hit a 293-foot home run 104 miles across the left field of Busch Stadium, reaching 686 career home runs in the Majors. Now, Albert Pujols He has a .375 batting average … Read more

Only 5 remain: Miguel Cabrera hit his eighth homer and is approaching 500

Only 5 remain Miguel Cabrera hit his eighth homer and

The Venezuelan of the Tigers from Detroit, Miguel Cabrera, shot his eighth on Monday home run of the 2021 season and is approaching 500 for life in the Big leagues (MLB). Through the game Twins vs Tigers, Miguel Cabrera made itself felt and demonstrated its power to connect its home run Lifetime # 495 at … Read more

The Olympics are approaching, and COVID infections are on the rise; Did Japan make the right decision?

The Olympics are approaching and COVID infections are on the

In a week, the Olympic Games – now anachronistically called 2020 – will finally begin. It’s a time for which Japan has been preparing for a long time – since March last year, when the Tokyo Games were delayed due to the pandemic; since 2016, when the then Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, took … Read more