Don’t they go with Urias anymore? The 2 Dodgers stars who could leave the team to save $34 million

The star Dodgers pitcher who left the door of retirement

MLB The Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated from the 2022 MLB Playoffs and two stars could leave the team to save $34 million. Don’t they go with Julio Urías anymore? By Julius Montenegro October 18, 2022 04:34PM EDT October 18, 2022 04:34PM EDT Justin Turner, Mookie Betts and Cody Bellinger When Los Angeles Dodgers he … Read more

Yankees: Fans ‘can’t stand’ Aaron Hicks anymore, ask for Brett Gardner back

Yankees Fans cant stand Aaron Hicks anymore ask for Brett

The 2022 season of MLB It’s still very young, with almost every team playing just one series at this point in the year, but for the fans of the New York Yankees, and despite that they won 2 of 3 games against the Boston Red Sox in their first games of the season, it’s never … Read more

Sweden expelled a player from its basketball team for signing with a Russian team | Jonas Jerebko signed for CSKA Moscow and will not be able to play in the national team anymore

Sweden expelled a player from its basketball team for signing

The Swedish Basketball Federation made a drastic decision against Jonas Jerebkomember of the national team of that country: as a consequence of having signed with CSKA Moscow, the entity expelled him from the teamaccording to what was reported this Thursday through a statement. Jerebko, a pivot of 2.08 meters, 35 years old and 10 seasons … Read more

INTENTIONAL Pitch Tie Spoke: “I removed him from baseball, he didn’t play anymore, well deserved”

INTENTIONAL Pitch Tie Spoke I removed him from baseball he

By Miguel Guerra Peter Louis Lazo, “El Rascacielos Pinareño”, is one of the best pitchers that Cuban baseball has given in its history. Excellent arm and physical conditions, very intelligent in the box, effective and with an indescribable personality and courage to come out of the most difficult moments unscathed, make him a benchmark for … Read more

Jim Ross appreciates not hearing Vince McMahon’s screams anymore

Jim Ross appreciates not hearing Vince McMahons screams anymore

JimRoss, one of the legends of WWE, He was honest about the current situation within his work within AEW. Next, we tell you the details. Jim Ross feels more comfortable within AEW Through his own podcast Grilling JR, Jim Ross was encouraged to comment on the great differences he has working in AEW when he … Read more

MLB: Why isn’t Aroldis Chapman’s speed scary anymore?

MLB Why isnt Aroldis Chapmans speed scary anymore

If high-velocity pitches are in fashion today in baseball, one of the biggest promoters of such a trend has undoubtedly been the Cuban flamethrower of the new york yankees, Aroldis Chapman. Although it seems that over the years the powerful four-seam fastball of the 6’4” tall giant has stopped influencing fear against opposing hitters, making … Read more

“I LASTED too long, I DIDN’T play anymore and I TAKEN my family,” CONFESSED Alexeis Bell

I LASTED too long I DIDNT play anymore and I

By Migue Guerra On the night of April 2, the Complete Swing Show, star space of our YouTube channel, which airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 pm, Cuban time, had as a special guest the stellar gardener from Santiago Alexeis Bell Quintero, one of the most complete players who has gone through the National … Read more

‘I don’t trust you anymore, you can go’; This is how Pep got Márquez out of Barcelona

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 10.28.2021 21:18:04 Seven brilliant years in Barcelona full of titles that could well be arguments to consider him the best Mexican soccer player in history, but that Pep Guardiola cared little at the time, because the coach did not respect the “hierarchy” to Rafael Marquez after an injury and on … Read more