MLB: Aaron Judge’s 46th home run marks his 100th career RBI and puts ‘Judge’ in elite company

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The lanky right fielder New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge cleared the Green Monster with his major league-leading 46th home run of the 2022 season on Friday, collecting his 100th RBI of the season in hometown style, albeit at Fenway Park. The hit of the ‘Judge’ Judge in the third inning against Boston Red Sox starter … Read more

Gignac fulfills her dream as a Tigres fan and goes to her house to congratulate her on her 100th birthday

The MLBPA rejects the latest offer for an international MLB

The striker visited Doña Mary, a Felines fan who turned 100 and asked for a greeting from Gignac as a gift The striker of tigers, Andre-Pierre Gignacfulfilled the wish of a fan of felines and went to her house to congratulate her on her 100th birthdaywhich the same player made known through his social networks. … Read more