Zidane puts his work team on alert

There is no doubt that the tie between the PSG and the Real Madrid It will be key in the future of the Parisian team. A victory for the Parisian club would mean that Pochettino continue for the time being on the bench at the Parc des Princes. But an elimination from the Champions League can cause a real earthquake in the Parisian bench. And what could the arrival of Zinedine Zidane.

The best example is that the French team is on alert for a possible trip to Paris. Starting with his right hand man at Real Madrid, David Bettoni. As well as other members of Zidane’s closest group during his time in the white team.

This situation, only conditional on a catastrophe at the Parisian club, does not mean that Zidane’s main wish is to take charge of the French team’s bench.

More than anything because the former white coach is at a time in his life where he just wants to enjoy free time with his family. And the risk of going to Paris means losing this status and returning to the dynamics of training and matches. And all this far from Madrid. And it should be remembered that this stress of daily work was one of the reasons for his departure from the white club. And besides, it would require him to leave Madrid and go to live in Paris. And he is well known that Zidane is tremendously happy in the capital of Spain.

This brings us to the priority scenario that handles Zidane, which is none other than being able to take charge of the French team. Firstly because it is his great wish even though he is aware that he has to wait until what happens in the World Cup in Qatar and with the future of the current coach, Didier Deschamps.

But also being a coach would allow him to aspire to the best in his country and be able to maintain his residence in Madrid. Zidane He would only have to travel on the selection dates and the rest could maintain their residence in Madrid with their family.

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Zidane puts his work team on alert