Zenit leave Chelsea without a lead in 94 ‘

ANDl champion of the Champions League has gotten into a real ‘brown’ for Monday’s drawing. In 94 ‘Ozdoev sent the’ blues’ to second place with a great goal for the squad (3-3) and the English they will have to wait for a ‘coconut’ in the round of 16. A Zenith that nothing was at stake before a Chelsea I had to win Football, has no other explanation.

So what The Russian afternoon started off in an unbeatable way for the ‘blues’. After two minutes Werner had already opened the can in the Gazprom Stadium in what was the fastest goal in the history of the Chelsea in all the Champions. The German striker needed 1 minute and 23 seconds, beating John Terry’s goal in 2014 (1 minute 26 seconds). In a skull, Christensen combed and Werner pushed the ball. Only Mason Mount has scored more goals in the last two seasons than the german, with 13.

Zenit was knocked out and could barely get out of the visiting pressure. They weren’t able to step out of their own field, but, as football is a state of mind and an inexplicable sport, I managed to overcome and dwarf a Chelsea that he couldn’t explain what was happening. In a matter of three minutes they managed to turn the scoreboard around St. Petersburg.

A comeback in ten minutes

The Russian reaction was led by their Brazilian wings: Malcom and Claudinho. First notice Malcom with a heads up before Kepa, but the Spanish goalkeeper was great and took a fantastic foot to avoid the tie. But nevertheless, he could do little in the face of the dismissal of his defense that supposed the tie of Claudinho at 38 ‘. Douglas saints I served an excellent ball to Claudinho that put the tie.

Three minutes later, Malcom left the Punta Azmoun alone, who left Kepa with great ease. and traced the meeting. Tuchel, with the face of few friends, see how your team was second in the group with the victory of the Juventus. It is the second team to score two goals against Chelsea this season, first was West Ham.

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Ozdoev was the figure in Saint Petersburg

In the second part the Chelsea they turned to look for the victory that would give them the first place. At 60 minutes, Lukaku took advantage of a gift from Werner to define an empty goal and leave theirs one goal away from having a comfortable draw. While, Kepa He continued to avoid a defeat that ended up arriving in 95. A direct volley to the squad of Ozdoev puts Chelsea second and to Juventus first. The Chelsea could face a ‘bogeyman’ in Monday’s draw, one of them the Real Madrid.


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Zenit leave Chelsea without a lead in 94 ‘