World Cup every 2 years: who supports and rejects FIFA idea

A war in the world of soccer is looming. And it is that the waters have been agitated for days with the initiative that is brewing within the FIFA: a World Cup every two years. The news has been to the liking for some, while for others it has been a real ‘bomb’.

The idea was conceived in the offices of the FIFA in a meeting headed by the president of the highest body, Gianni Infantino, with some former players and other world football characters; The argument for holding a World Cup fair every two years is that all representatives have a greater chance of winning a World Cup.

Given this, some characters such as Arsene wenger, Ronaldo, Jared borguetti, Sami khedira, Roberto Carlo and even the president of the FMF, Yon de Luisa, they have spoken in favor of the idea of FIFA.

It is a very interesting proposal that is worth analyzing in depth. We have worked on projects with President Infantino and he will surely gather everyone’s opinions. In the particular case of the Mexican Federation, I will be in timely contact with Liga MX to know the position of clubs and players, in such a way that the club and national team calendars make sense, respect the player’s breaks“, he claimed From Luis to W Sports.

We all agreed with the new calendar proposal. Simply amazing, “said the Brazilian Ronaldo about the idea of FIFA.

Who is against a World Cup every two years?

The Conmebol and the UEFA have been the confederations that have raised their voices immediately, considering that it is impossible to hold a World Cup every two years due to the excessive load of matches that the clubs and therefore the players have, because competition schedules are very tight.

And is that each club usually plays up to three tournaments per season (league, Cup and an international turn) to this must be added the FIFA dates that are held and the players have to travel with their teams to face different tournaments.

A World Cup every two years could distort the most important soccer competition on the planet, lowering its quality and undermining its exclusive character and its current demanding standards. A World Cup every two years would represent an overload that is practically impossible to manage in the international competition calendar “, explained the Conmebol it’s a statement.

For its part, UEFA, in the voice of its president, Aleksander ceferin, made it clear that the European teams could boycott the world Cup: “We can decide not to play in it. So good luck with a World Cup like that“, threw Ceferin in an interview for the British medium The Times.

Even the DT of the Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp went further in his criticism: “There is no other sport in the world with such a busy schedule. There are sports that are more physically demanding, like athletics and marathons, but they don’t run 20, 30 or 40 races a year. We all know what is happening They say to give more opportunities to different countries, but in the end the only thing that matters is money“, he indicated.