With Mendy there is no debate

Ferland mendy He returned to the eleven holder of the Real Madrid in his first call with Ancelotti and after more than five months without playing. The French left behind an authentic ordeal that began after playing his last game with Madrid against Madrid. Chelsea on May 5. Mendy already had to overcome a back injury that he almost took him out of football, so for this new setback, a


tibial periostitis,

I was more than ready. And so it has been. Mendy debuted this season with Carletto this past Tuesday against him


Despite the inactivity time, he started and Madrid had one of his best games of the season in defense, leaving his goalkeeper to zero, something that has only happened in three more games this season, and hardly conceding chances.

So much so that for El Clsico he appears again in all the pools to be a new starter.

There has therefore not been an adaptation time with the

former Lyon player.

Also his quick turn to eleven speaks of

Ancelotti’s need to have him on the left back

, where there have been several visitors.

Nacho, Miguel Gutirrez and also Alaba

They have played in that position, but everything indicates that Mendy is back to stay.

Aim for the Classic

The French already became indisputable with


and despite the fact that Ancelotti has sought since his arrival a more offensive Madrid, this does not seem to be going to take its toll on the Frenchman, who in this first

Barcelona-Real Madrid

he has all the ballots to enter the eleven again. Ancelotti meets Mendy and knows what he can give her. In fact,

He already wanted to sign him for Naples

, but then Madrid appeared, Zidane’s call and the Italian was left without his reinforcement. For the more offensive variant, the technician has to


who also returned to the team this week in


but you already know that for now it is the alternative to Ferland. In fact, the Brazilian, who had played

only two minutes this season against Celta,

entered the field for his partner.

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