“Winning with Argentina was my most difficult title … They called us failures”

Leo Messi will be at the Monumental this Thursday to play against Bolivia in the qualifying match for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. A match that some privileged people will be able to see. The captain spoke to ESPN about everything that happened in the last Copa América and how beautiful it was to live that moment with his teammates in Brazil, winning the title against his greatest rival on the continent.

On the victory against Brazil in the Copa América: “It is a spectacular group. It emerged in the 2019 Copa América, but already in 2015 and 2014 there was such a group. What happens is that many times what defines is winning or losing “

He did not want to rank the trophy achieved with the National Team, but he did clarify that “fthat the most difficult“He added:”I went through many things and I had to win very quickly at Barcelona, ​​in the National Team it was blow after blow. All are equal. But after so much suffering, lifting something was special. ”

The words about his coach were beautiful where he said that Scaloni “it has great merit of all this. He was the one who grabbed the National Team at a difficult moment, who believed and little by little it was armed. He always knew what he wanted. “

Messi also analyzed his stage with the albiceleste from when there was a part of journalism that treated him as a failure and they told him that he did not feel the shirt. He also added that “they are not the best in the world. We were not the worst before and we are not the best now “. Argentina wants to grow as a team and they want to do it with their captain on the pitch. The conquest of the Copa América has been a “turning point” for them, who want to “continue to grow and prepare for what is to come. The important thing is to leave everything and stay with the feeling that you left everything, reaching the final of the America’s Cup, a World Cup, is no small thing. And that was not valued ”.

The game against Bolivia with the return of the public: “It is a pity that the stadium cannot be filled due to the situation with the pandemic. The madness of the people, everything comes together a little because the National Team comes from being the Champion of America and a long time without going to the field. It’s a spectacular moment for us and we really want to enjoy it. “

Finally, Messi remembered his vacations with his family where they were “a happy vacation from the first day to the last, and not like other times when I was bitter for the first 15 days. “His children enjoyed the America’s Cup and even “They sing the songs, they have them present at all times. It is incredible how they enjoy winning it, at all times dad you were a champion. I can’t explain it to you. Ciro is continuously humming the Argentine song, I can’t explain the happiness I feel ”.