Why is the Mexican soccer player migrating to the National League of Guatemala?

Ten of the twelve teams of the National Football League in Guatemala will have Mexican players in the offensive zone for the 2021 Apertura Tournament

GUATEMALA – The Mexican artillery will be present in the 2021 Apertura Tournament of the National Football League, since ten of the twelve teams that make up the highest category of Guatemalan football have Mexican footballers in their offensive part to be protagonists with goals.

Players with extensive experience in their country as they are Carlos ‘Gullit’ Peña (Former GFC), Javier The ‘Chuletita’ Orozco (Xelajú MC), Daniel Guzman Jr. (New Conception), Marco Bueno (Communications), Luis Angel Landin (Guastatoya), Agustin Herrera (Cobán Imperial), Isaac Acuña (Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa), Tony Lopez (CSD Sololá), Omar lopez (Achuapa) and Elmer morales (Malacateco), will be responsible for searching the annotations in Chapin territory.

Faced with this invasion of Aztec players, ESPN Digital He consulted the reasons that have led them to leave their country and migrate to Central American territory, specifically to Guatemala.

I feel that soccer in Guatemala is growing a lot and that is why they are paying attention to players from here (Mexico) and vice versa. Many players choose to go to Guatemala instead of going to another country and that speaks very well of everything that is growing. We want to be part of that grain of sand with our neighboring country that is Guatemala to make it great and at the end of the day, that is the idea. I have heard that all Mexicans in Guatemala have transcended not only players, but as people, “he said. Javier Orozco, who has already joined the preseason work at Xelajú MC, after leaving Cancún FC in Liga Expansión MX.

For its part, Daniel Guzman Jr. At 29, he will defend the colors of his fourth club in Guatemala. He will do it with the team of CSD New Concepcion, recently promoted to the senior category. It will be the benchmark of the attack after passing through CSD Suchitepéquez, Chiantla and Deportivo Guastatoya, acknowledging that it was Carlos ‘El Pescado’ Ruiz who recommended him for the first time in Guatemala.

It is not to be hidden that the possibilities in Mexico are minimal for the Mexican footballer. They reduced the issue of ages, they removed the promotion and with the Expansion League you can only have eight players over 23 years old. We have to look elsewhere and the truth is that Central America used to be seen as the last option and now it is taken as the first opportunity because it is a more competitive football and things can be done well in competition. In Guatemala I feel at home, things have gone well for me and I can do things well there”.

Carlos ‘El Gullit’ Peña became the stellar signing of Old GFCThis after being champion in the neighboring country of El Salvador with the CD FAS. Now he will live his first experience in Guatemala and the illusion is to get the fifth title in the club’s history.

“I am not closed to any soccer door in any country in the world, I am very happy to take up this challenge and to do things well here. I came to Guatemala to continue enjoying football, I know that I can still give a lot and I like challenges. It is a competitive level of football that is growing too much, it is very good and personally the treatment that the president and coaching staff gave me who spoke to me as a person that I am, that convinced me a lot”Said the 31-year-old midfielder.

At the discretion of the Mexican coach Roberto Montoya, the international competition at the Concacaf level, is one of the factors that influence the decision to play in Guatemala.

They are realizing that the teams are well structured and that there is already international competition that before because of the punishment of FIFA it was not possible. We already saw how Comunicaciones went to the Azteca Stadium and drew a draw against América, Xelajú MC also eliminated Chivas, so the Mexican players already see an opportunity to continue competing and of course the Concacaf pass is a plus that can be had to face the MLS and Liga MX teams ”.