Why doesn’t Mexico reach the fifth game? ESPN specialists give their opinion

ESPN specialists talked about the reasons why Mexico was eliminated in the World Cup group stage for the first time since 1978.

The specialists of ESPN nothing was saved, to analyze why the Mexican team failed to reach the quarterfinals in Qatar 2022, which are played starting this Friday.

They denounced that the structure of Mexican soccer is wrong and criticized that the leaders of the Mexican Soccer Federation give priority to the economic issue over sports, which, they assured, was preponderant for the failure of the Mexican team in this World Cup, only eliminated in the group stage.

Heriberto Murrieta

“The main cause is that economics is prioritized over sports: the fact of promoting so many games in USA without the greatest sporting benefit and also encourage the spending of millions of dollars, those who are dying to hire so many foreigners, instead of thinking about making Mexican players emerge”.

“Millions of dollars are spent on a foreign coach, with an entourage of foreign collaborators as well, instead of giving an opportunity to a Mexican coach, who knows the Mexican environment better.”

Hector Huerta

“The problem of Mexican team Today, it is a consequence of what is happening in Mexican soccer, the latest results: the non-participation in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the elimination of the Women’s National Team and the non-attendance of the U-20 men’s World Cup”.

“The structure of Mexican soccer is wrong, also the MX League It is wrong, because the fact that 12 qualify is not encouraging a high spirit of competition, but rather the mediocrity that 69 or 70 percent of the teams qualify. The competition system is bad, the repechage is terribly bad, and not having promotion and relegation, well, there is no prize or punishment.”

“Those who abolished promotion and relegation did so seeking to privilege their personal interests over those of Mexican soccer. And one of the worst evils of the MX Leagueis the large number of foreigners that each team can register, which gives you the possibility that there will be 170 players not born in Mexico, who occupy 35 or 40 percent of the seats in Mexican soccer; which derives in the minor or major calls”.

“In the last two years, it was absolutely hyped that we weren’t going to get anywhere and this World Cup showed it.”

Dionysus Estrada

“The National Team did not arrive at the World Cup at a good time; It came from playing badly, with many doubts, a lot of uncertainty, and in the three games there was no generation of football, there was no punch. Although the last one was won (before Saudi Arabia) A minimum of three goals were needed and there were only two”.

“Some of ‘Tata”s decisions in the choice of players on the list were not correct and already in the World Cup he failed in the planning of matches and also in the changes, in several of the line-ups, and it was believed that the trajectory and experience of ‘Nana’ Martino they would be factors that made the difference in favor and it was not like that. He considers that the key game was against Argentina and the national coach did not know how to give it the best channel and was wrong in tactical matters.

He says that the job of the federations now is to choose the coach and that if you think of a Mexican one, “there is not only michael herrera”, and in the absence of a tie by 2026, he considers that rivals from Europe and South America should be found that are of a higher level than Mexicoin such a way that the players are required.

In addition, he sees vital that there is a return to promotion and relegation, that there be a considerable reduction in foreigners in the MX League and the repechage is eliminated so that only the best eight qualify.

Cyrus Procuna

“There are several reasons for the elimination: the choice of players, that the ceiling for this generation of footballers was lower than some other previous World Cup teams; decisions of ‘Nana’ Martino And the main one in a tournament as short as the World Cup: if two of your three group stage matches are so bad that you only generate one shot on goal, it’s very little; no matter how much you win the third, it is very likely that it will not reach you ”.

He considers that the party against Poland, Mexico he let go of a great opportunity, since “it was a winnable game and it was tied; I believe to a large extent that the history of elimination began to be written there ”.

He says that there are many things to be done with a view to the future, “but today it is very tangled because this was not started years ago, which is a knot on a knot, on a knot, and it is a major mess, which has to do with the poor structure at the level of National Teams, because “today Martino is leaving and you have nothing left but Jaime Ordiales, who arrived a few months ago. He sees a low-level league tournament full of foreigners in which few promises are debuted. “Mexico It’s already late for the 2026 World Cup”.

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Why doesn’t Mexico reach the fifth game? ESPN specialists give their opinion