Why did Michael Jordan make millions with the signing of Messi to PSG?

Why did Michael Jordan make millions with the signing of

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The arrival of Lionel Messi to France not only has generated a chaos every time fans see it on the street, but also brought great economic benefits to the club and to a character that might seem to have no relation to any of them: Michael Jordan.

The legend of the Chicago Bulls in the NBA It has been done creditor to several million euros with the signing of Lionel Messi to PSG and this figure will continue to increase, a business that has been very profitable for him. sin having to move from the comfort of your home.

What role does Jordan play in Messi’s signing to PSG?

As is known, the brands Nike and Jordan work together to develop different Sport products, where Michael Play a important role within PSG, since it is their logo that has appeared on their shirts for a couple of years.

How is it Jordan who dresses PSG, Michael receives a commission from the sale of each jersey and after confirming the signing of Lionel messi to the Paris team, his fortune rose exponentially, as he gets 5% of the total sales.

Since the first T shirt of Lionel Messi went on sale in the stores of PSG, all have been sold out in a matter of minutes, done what favors largely to Michael Jordan, because their commissions are increasing and even A record was already registered with the Argentine’s jersey.

At the moment it is known that PSG has earned around 120 million euros only in the sale of lionel messi jerseys, so taking this reference figure, Michael Jordan has pocketed around 6 million euros In three days! A figure that will continue to increase as the days go by in the League 1.

The PSG will debut in the 2021-22 season of the League 1 East Saturday August 14 against the Racing Strasbourg, duel that will begin at the point of 14:00 hrs (Central Mexico time) and where Messi could debut.