Which teams could qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup on this FIFA Date?

The qualifiers that will be played on the last FIFA Date of 2021 around the world, could define some more qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, which will start in November of next year.

In addition to Taste (host), Germany and Denmark, until next Tuesday at least eight other teams will be known that will be in the world. The number can reach 10 if we count Brazil and Argentina.

However, the representatives of Africa, Asia and Concacaf They will be known in March 2022, at the end of the qualifying rounds on the respective continents.

The distribution of the places for the World Cup is as follows:

  • Africa (CAF): 5 direct locations

  • Asia (AFC): 4 direct spots, plus 1 playoff tie

  • Europe (UEFA): 13 direct locations

  • North America / Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF): 3 direct places, plus 1 eliminatory in the playoffs

  • Oceania (OFC): 1 playoff tie

  • South America (CONMEBOL): 4 direct spots, plus 1 playoff tie

Below we show you who can qualify on this FIFA Date:



Brazil qualifies for the World Cup:

  • Beating Colombia this Thursday

  • If Uruguay does not beat Argentina on Friday, regardless of Brazil’s result

Argentina qualifies for the World Cup:

  • Adding 4 points in the next two rounds and that Uruguay and Colombia lose in the next two rounds

  • Adding 6 points in the next two rounds and that Ecuador does not earn points, and Colombia and Uruguay obtain a maximum of one point in the next two rounds



Group A: Serbia leads with 17 points from 7 games, followed by Portugal (16 points from 6 games).

  • The Portuguese team will face Ireland on Thursday and have a direct duel against the Serbs on Sunday to see who will be the group champion and consequently have a direct place in the Cup.

Group B: Sweden leads with 15 points, ahead of Spain with 13 points.

  • If Sweden beat Georgia on Thursday and Spain does not beat Greece, the Swedes are guaranteed their place in the World Cup and send Spain to the play-off.

  • If Spain beats Greece, regardless of the result of Sweden, Spain and Sweden will have a direct duel on Sunday to determine who will take the ticket to Qatar.

Group C: Italy and Switzerland have 14 points (Italy leads on goal difference)

  • The two teams meet this Thursday. Regardless of the outcome, everything will be decided on Sunday, when Italy travels to face Northern Ireland, and Switzerland hosts Bulgaria. However, whoever wins this Thursday will have an advantage, remembering that the order of the tiebreaker criteria is: goal difference, goals scored and direct duel. In the first leg, in Switzerland, the reigning European champions drew goalless.

Group D: France leads with 12 points, followed by Ukraine (9), Finland (8) and Bosnia (7)

  • France qualifies, without depending on any result, if they beat Kazakhstan on Saturday

  • France qualifies with a tie if Finland and Bosnia tie If France loses to Kazakhstan, everything will be defined on the last day, in the France vs. Finland and Bosnia vs. Ukraine next Tuesday.

Group E: Belgium leads with 17 points from 6 games, followed by the Czech Republic (11 points from 7 games) and Wales (11 points from 6 games)

  • Belgium qualify directly if they beat Estonia on Saturday. They can also qualify through a draw, but it would depend on Wales not beating Belarus.

  • Even with Belgium drawing and Wales winning on Saturday, it is difficult to see the British beat the Belgians in a direct duel in the final round on Tuesday.

Group F: Denmark have already qualified by winning the group with 24 points

Group G: The Netherlands lead with 19 points, followed by Norway (17) and Turkey (15)

  • The Netherlands qualify if they beat Montenegro and Norway don’t beat Latvia. The Dutch will also go to the Cup if they draw in the next two matches, as they will face Norway next Tuesday.

  • Norway will qualify if they maintain the difference with the Netherlands and beat a Clockwork Orange in the direct duel next Tuesday.

  • Turkey qualify with two wins and if the Netherlands and Norway win only one point in the last two games. Turkey also qualifies if they win both games, as long as the Netherlands get one point and Norway win three points at most.

Group H: Russia leads with 19 points, followed by Croatia (17)

  • Russia qualifies if they beat Cyprus and Croatia lose to Malta, or if they draw the last two games (which includes a direct duel in the final round), provided Croatia does not defeat Malta. Russia may even lose to Cyprus, but Croatia should not beat Malta, and draw on the final matchday.

  • Croatia qualify if they beat Malta and Russia or even lose to Malta, but Russia must lose their next two games.

Group I: England lead with 20 points, followed by Poland (17) and Albania (15)

  • England qualify, without depending on anyone, if they score four points in the last two games (Albania and San Marino).

  • Poland qualifies if they score at least 4 points in the last two games, but England shouldn’t have to win more than three points.

  • Albania needs to win their last two games and hopes that Poland won’t score more than 3 points and England lose their last duels.

Group J: Germany is qualified by winning the group with 21 points


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Which teams could qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup on this FIFA Date?