What was not seen of the Cruz Azul-América match at the Azteca Stadium

The match between Cruz Azul and America left us issues that could not be appreciated by all and then we present them to you

Cruz Azul beat America 2-1 on the field of the Azteca Stadium, in a match that began with a hug between Jesús Corona and Guillermo Ochoa and ended with Miguel Layún and Ignacio Rivero facing each other.

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The goalkeepers of Cruz Azul and América merged into a hug before the match began at the Azteca Stadium. Corona and Ochoa, as captains of their respective teams, were the first in line to take to the field. They exchanged words as they walked and before separating, both embraced so that each one could continue on their way.

Unusual photo of Cruz Azul

The typical photograph of the eleven starting players prior to the matches, already in uniform, did not exist on the part of Cruz Azul. On this occasion, all the soccer players summoned, including the substitutes, posed with the commemorative shirt of the Red Cross accompanied by Víctor Velázquez, president of the Machine Administration Council, as well as Fernando Suinaga, president of the Red Cross, as part of the national harvest campaign.

The Cruz Azul footballer scored at minute 21 which would be 1-0. Orbelín Pineda celebrated with his companions and then he was alone to do his typical dance accompanied by the song My Trokita Cumbia that put the sound of the Azteca Stadium. However, Luis Enrique Santander annulled the goal out of place.

“War” of truncheons in the Azteca

The Cruz Azul match vs. América gave away pictures of groups or families with members who were going to different teams, which allowed that on several occasions, during the game, there would be a “war” of cheers. When the shout “Azul” seized the Azteca Stadium, the one for “América” ​​appeared and they lasted for a few minutes until there was a dangerous play or a foul on the field of play.

Layún celebrated only Viñas’ goal

Miguel Layún was in charge of attending Federico Viñas with a center from the right wing for the Uruguayan to score 1-1. All the outfield players ran to embrace the South American, except Layún, who stayed at his side as he turned to the stands and showed the shield of America.

‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez, the most applauded

Of the players who participated in Cruz Azul vs. America, Jonathan Rodriguez was the most acclaimed. The ‘Cabecita’ started on the substitute bench, but when he entered the field of play he received a loud ovation, louder compared to when they presented the starters or in the remaining substitutions.

Layún and Rivero faced each other after final whistle

After Luis Enrique Santander ended the match with a score of 2-1 in favor of Cruz Azul, Miguel Layún walked to the area where he was Ignacio Rivero to face it, but it did not happen to greater, because immediately it arrived Julio César Domínguez to separate them.


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What was not seen of the Cruz Azul-América match at the Azteca Stadium